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How Much Disability Insurance Should You Have?

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How much disability and long-term care coverage do you need? Health problems may be a common cause of forced retirement, but what do you look for in a policy? In a article, “Planning for Possible Health Problems: How Much Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance Should You Have?”, Chris Clark explores these questions, with the assistance of experienced disability insurance lawyer Ed Comitz:

Edward Comitz, an attorney who leads the health and disability insurance practice for Phoenix law firm [Comitz | Beethe], recommends buying individual policies instead of the typically cheaper group ones, because employer-sponsored plans are subject to employment-law restrictions that include limits on jury awards if a claimant ends up in court fighting for benefits.

And don’t pay the premiums from the practice, he says, because an individual policy could be characterized as a group one if the practice is paying the bills.

Read the whole article:  Planning for Possible Health Problems.

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