Too Sick to Work? They Disagree

SmartMoney Magazine has a shocking article in the February 10, 2010 edition regarding the tactics of insurance companies in fighting with disabled insureds over whether they are “too sick to work.”

For Lori Dawson, the calls of concern would come as early as 7 in the morning. People wanted to know if the Mercer Island, Wash., resident, who was battling complications from breast cancer, would consider seeing a new doctor. Was she noticing any changes in her symptoms? Did she feel well enough to exercise? All the questions would have been welcome if the calls were from friends or family. But they were coming from case managers at her insurance company—and they weren’t particularly friendly.

As the article documents, insurers today are likely to hound patients for medical updates and to push them back to work as soon as possible—even if the insured’s doctor thinks otherwise. One insurer, Unum Group, has been fined for its actions between 1997 and 2004 in wrongfully denying claims. Unum paid $24 million in fines to various state regulators and agreed to review its previously denied claims—reversing 42% in the insured’s favor.

Read the article:  Too Sick to Work – They Disagree

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